As a responsible renewable energy company, we seek to improve and give back to any disadvantaged and underserved communities in the areas in which we operate. We are fully committed to meeting the highest international standards concerning all environmental and social matters.

Community Impact in Bauchi State

Bauchi State represents one of the poorest regions of Nigeria, where almost two-thirds of the region’s population live in absolute poverty, according to the Nigeria National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). Since we are aware that our corporate actions may affect our local communities, we have ensured that the lives of residents in the project area will be significantly better after the implementation of the project than they were before.

Accordingly, NSCP has developed a corporate social responsibility initiative that will offer socio-economic development projects in the area that meet the residents’ key needs, focusing on the areas of health, energy, water and employment:

Medical Facilities — NSCP aims to build a clinic to serve the village and be a medical hub for the surrounding population. The clinic will provide basic care, disease control and elementary health education.

Electricity — NSCP would like to provide an off-grid renewable energy electricity solution for the village and surrounding area that can operate in a rural setting and can bring energy to areas where it is typically too expensive to supply. The system will consist of a micro-grid solar PV system with battery storage or diesel generation. The system will connect to 500 households, clinics and street lights, improving the standard of living of thousands of Nigerians living in the project area.

Water and Sanitation — NSCP will provide clean water and sanitation supply for the local community and for 500 families in the surrounding area. This will supplement health awareness and hygiene education to alleviate the threat of diarrheal illness and other infectious diseases which are prevalent in the surrounding communities.

Employment — The Bauchi project will benefit Nigeria’s economic growth through the creation of employment at all phases of development and throughout its lifetime. During the construction period, we estimate that 500 construction workers will be employed part time, the majority of whom will be Nigerian nationals. We estimate that 100 full time maintenance jobs will be required for the upkeep of the facility. Additionally, we estimate an additional 50 service jobs will be subcontracted to local businesses, such as accounting firms, legal firms and administrative and management companies.