Bauchi State – 100 MW Solar PV
On Friday 9th September 2016, Nigeria Solar Capital Partners entered into a Joint Development Agreement with Globeleq Advisors Limited and the ARM-Harith Infrastructure Fund to fund and co-develop a 100MW solar PV project in Bauchi State, Nigeria. The project has a signed 20 year PPA with Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading plc, and the parties anticipate reaching financial close in the summer of 2020.

NSCP has chosen to develop this project in northern Nigeria, the region with the biggest power deficit and highest costs of electricity in the country. The Bauchi region also boasts some of the highest levels of solar radiation in Nigeria, making it a particularly attractive location for solar technology.

NSCP Track Record in Pioneering SOlar in Africa

Rwanda – 8.5 MW Solar PV
In July 2013, Gigawatt Global signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a Concession Agreement and a Guarantee with the Rwanda government, respectively its institutions in charge, to build a 8.5 MW solar power plant. Twelve months later, in July 2014, it succeeded in reaching a financial close, constructing and interconnecting a $23.7 million solar energy plant, increasing Rwanda’s generating capacity by 6 percent. This project became East Africa’s first utility-scale solar field.

The project is built on land owned by the A.S. Youth Village, the mission of which is to care for Rwanda’s vulnerable children orphaned throughout the Rwandan genocide. The Village is leasing land to the Project – and collects fees which help pay for the Village’s operating expenses. The Project was nominated for a Noble Peace Prize in March 2015 .

Safety Considerations

logo1NSCP is taking all necessary precautions in order to operate safely in a challenging security environment. We have developed a thorough, professional security plan based on strong partnerships with the Federal and State Government as well as local leaders. The security plan and risk mitigation are being developed and led by GardaWorld, a Tier 1 internationally respected security firm engaged by NSCP in order to ensure a sufficient level of safety throughout the development, construction and operational cycles of the project.

In addition to being one of the largest and highly-respected security firms in the world, with significant experience in operating in conflict regions, GardaWorld has been active in northern Nigeria and knows the area well. The local experience gives GardaWorld a crucial advantage in securing the Project through lessons already learned and contacts already made. (

Project Consultants

ILF Consulting Engineers (ILF) – NSCP has engaged ILF, a global engineering and consulting services firm headquartered in Innsbruck, Austria, as an independent technical advisor to carry out a through study of both the national grid and the impact of our Bauchi project on the network. ILF consists of a number of internationally established independent engineering and consulting firms with more than 40 years of experience in different areas including renewable energy. (


Astrom Technical Advisors (ATA) – ATA is an independent engineering and consultancy firm operating worldwide in photovoltaic (PV) and other renewable energy technologies. Based in Madrid, Spain, ATA has acted as technical advisor and owner’s engineer for renewable energy projects representing more than 5 gigawatts in PV projects, as well as 8 gigawatts in other renewable technologies. Among its customers are more than 300 financial institutions, top developers, first-line equipment manufacturers and equity investors all over the world. (


Environmental Resources Management (ERM) – ERM is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, social consulting services and sustainability related services. With more than 160 offices in over 40 countries and territories, ERM is committed to providing a service that is consistent, professional and of the highest quality. Over the past three years they have worked for more than 50 per cent of the Global Fortune 500 delivering innovative solutions for business and selected government clients. ERM has over 40 years of experience working with clients around the world and in diverse industry sectors including Oil & Gas, Mining, Power, and Manufacturing, Chemical and Pharmaceutical. (